Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches

This Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwich is one of my FAVORITE sandwiches from childhood. Super simple, but so ridiculously tasty!


I think "vacation" should be renamed "the calm before the storm." I can think of a handful of times when chaos has struck directly following vacation. Dan and I had such a perfect vacation last week. I've found myself daydreaming about being back at that lovely resort with sounds of waterfalls and birds filling my very relaxed ears. This week has been a wee bit trying. A new puppy joined our family and if you've ever spent ten minutes around a puppy, you know that this is not a relaxing thing. We were managing Buddy just fine until Dan went down with sickness AND a strange leg infection/rash, which has kept him off his feet. Next week will be better. Yes. It. Will.

And lucky me, I have the ingredients for this simple and delish little sandwich that was a childhood favorite. My mom made Cucumber Cream Cheese Sandwiches for me all the time at my request. Love 'em! I plan to gobble one down today. I may just eat it as fast as our precious Buddy puts away a serving of his dog food. The first time I watched him eat I was amazed! Wow, Bud.


I hope leg infections and pulling dead mice out of a puppy's mouth have NOT been a part of your week.

Enjoy! Thanks for reading!

A few other childhood faves: Veggie Salami Croissanwich and Open-Faced Sandwiches!