Holiday Snack Mix {VIDEO}

This Holiday Snack Mix is the perfect, easy, festive, delicious snack to bring to a Christmas party! Packed with the perfect mix of salty and sweet.


How's your week going? Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done? Has cold weather invaded your neck of the woods yet? It is finally cold here and I do not have my shopping done, in case you're wondering. Seriously, does anyone get that done this soon? If you are out there, I'd like to know who you are and then I'd like for you to be my life coach.

We have a few parties coming up and this delicious and festive Holiday Snack Mix will be involved in one or all of them. It doesn't get easier than this and I promise you will be loved and admired for years to come if you arrive at your next gathering with a large bowl of this Holiday Snack Mix in your hands.


An unfortunate series of events that occurred in our home a few nights ago involving the dog, a wine glass and shards of glass ruined most of my first batch. It didn't bring us down. Another batch was made. And eaten. QUICKLY. My snack-loving six-year-old could not keep his fingers out of the bowl.


I truly hope that wherever you are and whatever you are doing right now, that you are having a wonderful week and finding joy and peace in this season! Enjoy!

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