Simple Pumpkin Hand Pies Recipe

Pumpkin pie made EASY! These Pumpkin Hand Pies are a dream come true if you are looking to simplify pie-making. They are portable, easy to make and DELICIOUS!


Before we moved into our new house, I envisioned the unpacking process going much more quickly and smoothly. Finding the perfect spot for every thing we own is kinda fun, but a total time sucker. It has left me with little time for much else. But I'm so excited about having a KITCHEN...I love it I love it I LOVE I have made time to do a bit of cooking and baking. I have been wanting to simplify pie-making for months and was super happy with how these Pumpkin Hand Pies turned out. No fork needed for these babies. Grab 'em straight from the baking sheet and sink your teeth in!


Here's how good they were.. I had them sitting on a baking sheet on my stovetop just like in the top photo of this post. EVERY time I turned around one of my boys was stealing another bite. Then, the fatal blow. The dog jumped up and consumed what his eager little jaws could grab before being escorted outside.


If you are asked to bring pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving dinner this year? I've got your back!

Have a great rest of your weekend!

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