Berry S'mores

Reinventing s'mores in the simplest way possible. Just add berries! Kids love these Berry S'mores!

My 6-year-old detests berries. He has struggled with textural issues his whole little life, and just cannot bring himself to put certain foods into his mouth. The other day I asked him (yet again) if he would be willing to give berries another try. He said, "But Mom! There's too much juice and the bumps are gross." He is so missing out! We'll get there. Then I had a thought! I would put them inside of a treat that he would be unable to resist. S'MORES!

It worked! He gobbled that thing down, bumps, juice and all. Next? Strawberries and blackberries, or maybe blueberries. 

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My little boys and I are still on the road. This is Day #14, I believe. In just less than two weeks, we have driven 2,644 miles and met 56 wonderful new friends. We will begin our trek back home on Wednesday. For now, more pool time with good friends!