Death is near for the Yard Glacier!

The Yard Glacier is nearly gone! Below is a photo I took about 10 minutes ago. The next few days are expected to be warm, or warmer, at least, so I am predicting that it will be completely gone soon. Someone's winning some moneeeeey!

Below is a list of commenters/guessers who have a great chance of winning the $200!

4/26 guessers -- Katie, Roni, Deanna F, Melissa, Susie and Holly B

4/27 guessers -- Tiffany H and Connie

4/28 guessers -- Kristin W. and Kate4

4/29 guessers -- Heidi, Sadie and Sally @ Splash of Whine

4/30 guessers -- Amy's Cooking Adventures, Misty Cruz and Kristin1969

5/1 guessers -- Bobbi, Terri and Kim T

Good luck! Who knew that an ugly, dirty chunk of ice could be so exciting?!