A simultaneously warm and icy giveaway! This one is BIG!

Hello, friends. It has been a strange week, to say the least. I have been dealing with feelings of really very much disliking a person I have never met for her total selfishness and her blatant disregard for other people and their hard work. The silver lining that has come from this is that I have taken a closer look at myself as a person and blogger. I will always be respectlful of others and provide nothing but honest content on my blog. I probably sound like a broken record, but this ordeal has made me so thankful for the readers I have who recognize hard work! 

As a huge "thank you" for reading, I am hosting THE BIGGEST giveaway I have ever hosted on my blog! One lucky winner will receive a $200 Visa gift card in the mail! (This is NOT sponsored by Visa, btw.) $200?! Yes! TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! I know, I'm gettin' crazy! Hurry up and comment before I change my mind.

How do you win this loot, you ask? Well, it's simple. Or maybe not so simple. If you are well-versed in the rate at which icebergs melt, you will do GREAT! Ha!

The below photo is one that I took today, this 27th day of March, 2013, and this is the front yard of my home. 

The person who guesses the date closest to when this yard iceberg will be completely gone (without going past the date) will receive the $200. Your guess must be left as a comment on this post in order to be considered (not on Facebook or via email or anywhere else).

If more than one person guesses the correct (or closest) date, I will put those names in a hat and one of my boys will pick the winner at random with one of their cute little hands.


A few facts that may help your guess:

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The fence in the photo is approximately 3 feet high.

There are a few small bushes underneath the highest part of the ice mountain. 

It has been an unusually frigid winter.

Our home faces north and does not get hardly any sunlight.


GOOD LUCK! And again, thanks for being here.