A promise to you

I had a food-related post to share tonight, but I'm not in the mood for it. Instead, I will share a bit about what my theme for today was: Copyright infringement.

Whenever I see my photos pop up on Pinterest, I always hover over the photo to ensure it is my website that the pin is linking back to. Today when I hovered over one of my photos, I did not see my own website but an unfamiliar one. I clicked on said website and found something atrocious. This person had downloaded photos from my website without permission and uploaded them to her own site. Not only did she not give credit to me for the photos, but she linked back to HER OWN BLOG when the photos were clicked on. Also, she copied and pasted the text WORD FOR WORD from the post on my blog onto her blog. At the very bottom of her post in teeeeny tiny lettering was a reference to my blog. It was not a link, and I had to look very hard to find it. Certainly nobody else would ever notice it.

Upon further inspection, I found two more of my recipes on her blog (one of which was her second most popular post and had received thousands upon thousands of hits on Pinterest). Then I realized that every single one of the recipes on her blog had been copied and pasted from other websites. 

Out of curiosity, I went back to Pinterest and did a search for one of my more popular blog posts. A bunch of results popped up and I started checking links. Dozens and DOZENS of other people had done the same thing. I contacted each blog owner, and I also reported them all to Pinterest. Thankfully Pinterest is very good about removing fraudulent material.

Please be kind, people. If you are inspired by someone else's recipe, that is wonderful! Create your own version of it and take your own photos and create your very own post about it. Heck, if you want to borrow my photo, ask permission and give full credit back to me. I'm fine with that. But DO NOT EVER take someone else's photos or text from their website without linking back to them and giving full credit or you will make people very very mad.

With that said, I want to leave you all with a promise: I have taken EVERY SINGLE photograph posted on this website and that will never change. I have written ALL copy posted on this website and that will never change. If I was inspired by another blogger's recipe I have given full credit to them and I will always be respectful and kind in that way.

Please be kind. To me and every other blogger who works hard to maintain a quality website. 


ps. I have to add a PS to this post since I see that I have received a handful of unkind comments from my Pinterest reports today. First of all, I didn't realize that I was reporting the "repinner" of fraudulent material and for that I'm truly sorry! I thought I was reporting the poster of the original material. If I did this to you inadvertently, please contact me directly and I will try to resolve it.
Also, if you repin links on Pinterest, PLEASE check the integrity of the link first. If there is anything fishy about it do not repin it. If there is a photo and only ingredient/direction text provided and nothing else that is a red flag. If it is a post titled something like "The best recipes from Pinterest!" Another red flag. I can typically look at a post and know if it comes from a place of integrity and not from an attempt to gain clicks/money.
I hope that makes sense. Thanks, friends.