And we have a winner!

I LOVED all of your comments on the knife giveaway post! They were so creative, funny and heart-warming and every one of them made me smile. Jeez, I should have a knife giveaway every week!

I had a hard time deciding on a winner. I had to read through them again twice this morning just to be sure about my decision.

Elisha S, you are the winner of an 8-Inch Chef Knife from Happy Chef Cutlery! Your comment made me laugh AND it hit home with me, as I have spent months of my life on bed rest. Your husband is right, Elisha. Based on your description of the mutilated potato, you need a new knife. Send me an email (using the Contact button) with your mailing address and I will pass that along to Happy Chef Cutlery! 

Two very close seconds were written by Tami W and Diane S. If the two of you send me your mailing address and t-shirt size (unisex sizes S, M, L or XL), I will send you each a Pip & Ebby t-shirt!

Have a great Tuesday! Thanks for making me smile!