Roasted Beets and Rice Salad Recipe

Colorful and paired perfectly with arborio rice, then topped with feta cheese, this beet salad has great texture and simple flavors. Enjoy the balsamic and rosemary combined to season these roasted beets and rice to make a great salad or side dish!

How do you peel beets?

Beets are easily peeled using a generic potato peeler. You can also boil the and the skin will peel off more easily.

Are the leaves on the beets edible?

While I haven’t tried this myself, they are edible! They are compared to a spinach leaf and can be eaten fresh or steamed too.

Are beets good pickled?

Pickled beets are delicious! They are prepared with a cinnamon, clove and vinegar mixture. They should sit several months in the brine but are delicious once they are fully pickled! They taste very different from a cooked beet.

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