Healthy Breakfast Cookies Recipe

These cookies aren't just for breakfast and they are deceptively delicious. Kids will never know how healthy they are!

Today my life went from crazy to CRAZY ENOUGH TO BE WRITTEN IN CAPS. More on that another time. The reason I mention it is because I will not be able to write more than one post per week on this blog for the next couple of months. This makes me sad. I have been writing two or more posts per week for at least a year. I hope to get back to that rate by December, just in time to make a couple truckloads of Christmas cookies! 

What a great transition! I didn't even plan this one. While we're on the topic of cookies..

My friend Maren passed this recipe along to me from I am always up for a healthy snack, especially one that is referred to as a cookie (i.e., that will sound enticing to my children). I have made these a few times and my boys LOVE THEM. Elijah asks to eat these for dessert. And breakfast. And lunch. You get the point. They are totally and completely healthy and delicious. It almost seems good to be true! But it's not!

All of my batches so far have made exactly 36 cookies and none of my batches have lasted for more than 48 hours.

I added a mashed banana to one batch and it was delicious! I would imagine that a shredded carrot would be great, too, or some berries or a mashed peach.

This is officially my new favorite recipe.