Swiss Maid Fudge recipes

The kind people at Swiss Maid Fudge contacted me and asked me if I would like to receive free samples of fudge. In return, I created five delicious recipes including their product. The three flavors they sent to me were peanut butter chocolate marble, milk chocolate and turtle. They were all delicious, of course. I thoroughly enjoyed adding them to other foods, as well as eating them alone.

The first recipe I tried was a Strawberry Fudge-tini. It looked so pretty, and tasted delicious, too. I love the fudge in the bottom of the glass, infusing the vodka.

My Grilled Peppers with Mascarpone and Fudge recipe was an unusual one, but it worked! I knew I wanted to grill fudge atop some sort of vegetable. I chose red bell peppers since they are sweet. The mascarpone cheese and basil added distinct, sweet flavors, as well. Then I added red onion as a contrast to it all. I loved it!

I have a fondness for grilled cheese sandwiches, so when I received the fudge I knew I had to include it somehow in a sandwich. This was fantastic, and by far my favorite of all the fudgy recipes I made. Fudgy Strawberry Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

And who doesn't love creamy deliciousness wrapped up in a crescent roll? I placed some cream cheese, along with creamy fudge, into the center of a crescent roll, rolled it up and baked it until it was lightly browned. Fudgy Cream Cheese Rolls. YUM!

And last but not least, S'mores Bars made with graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows and fudge. 

These were great in bar form, but I have to say that I may have liked them a tiny bit more crumbled over vanilla ice cream.

Thank you, Swiss Maid Fudge, for this fun opportunity!