Homemade Baileys Irish Cream Recipe

Make this smooth, creamy Irish Cream in your own kitchen! This recipe tastes just like the original and comes at a fraction of the price! A mix of chocolate, coffee and whisky, you’ll love knowing the recipe can be made easily at home. Enjoy over ice or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

Spring Break has officially begun in our school district, so I am going to need to get creative with my 5-year-old for the next week. We have found that no school for consecutive days makes him grumpy. We call it Caged Lion Syndrome. So we will hopefully be getting out of the house and doing some fun family summer-ish activities. The gorgeous weather is expected to continue, which is crazy! I keep expecting the blizzards to start rolling in!

Baileys Irish Cream is definitely not a drink I think to consume when the weather is nice, but honestly, can you ever go wrong with vanilla ice cream and Bailey's as a bedtime snack? It is my absolute favorite night-time treat despite what season it is. A good friend of ours fed us his homemade recipe years ago, and we fell head over heels for the creamy drink. I personally enjoy this version more than I do the Bailey's available at the liquor store. It is ridiculously yummy and creamy, and did I mention it goes well with ice cream? 

If this week is Spring Break for you, too, enjoy it! I hope the weather is lovely where you live!

Homemade Bailey's is an indulgent holiday treat, as are these: Peppermint Bark, White Truffle Hot Chocolate and Sugared Crockpot Pecans!