Reuben Pastry Braid Recipe

Transform Reuben Sandwiches into a delicious, hot, gooey loaf of bread stuffed with corned beef and sauerkraut. This simple finger food is easy to put together. Enjoy as a meal or party food!

I find it unappetizing to use the word "loaf" when describing food, bread being the exception. I, along with the girls who attended my blog party last month, pondered long and hard about what word might be a good replacement in this instance. Even the slightest of negative connotations should not surround the word "Reuben." By the end of the night, our Reuben Loaf had turned into Reuben Braid. Still not perfect, but better. So, allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite new foods, the delicious Reuben Braid.

I adore Reuben sandwiches. Years ago, I lived a few blocks from a divey little restaurant in Omaha that made the world's best Reubens. Strangely enough, in an attempt to find the name of the restaurant, I discovered that the Reuben sandwich originated in Omaha!

I found this Reuben Loaf, er, Braid recipe in Taste of Home magazine and furiously ripped the page out. My friend Jess helped pull it together (thanks, Jess!) because I was making about 8 recipes at once and needed a hand. It was one of the favorites at our party. It is fabulously tasty and I often find myself thinking about it at odd times during the day. I absolutely cannot wait to make and eat it again.

ENJOY. You will enjoy, I promise.

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