Nut Butter Jesus

Experiencing a few weeks' worth of anxiety surrounding my son's medical issues has turned me into a crazy woman. Last Wednesday evening, the night before Elijah had a procedure done on his heart, I was in a sad state. I was constantly fighting back tears. I was anxious and filled with fear about what the next day would bring. I sat down in front of my computer and opened up Lightroom in order to lose myself in a little photo editing. The first image that popped up was of the nut butter I made a few weeks ago. But nut butter was not what I saw. Jesus was looking at me! I sent it to Ebby and showed it to my husband and neither of them saw him right away. I could see him, though. He was there! And just when I needed him.

Do you see him? Don't try too hard. Think Small Nut Butter Jesus.