Rolo Stuffed Marshmallow Brownies Recipes

A caramel surprise in every bite! This upgrade to brownies with melted marshmallows is such a tasty treat.

I have started and stopped writing this post about two dozen times, for a thousand different reasons. I won't get into that, but I will tell you that I came up with this brownie recipe during a recent bout of insomnia. I woke up at 3:00 a.m. and started doing my usual stressing/worrying/thinking. I decided to turn my thoughts into something productive, so I started thinking about food! And what better food to ponder than brownies?

I have been loving the "stuffed" treats lately, Chocolate Crinkle Cookies with a Rolo Surprise and Double Chocolate Cookies with a Peppermint Surprise! SOOO (after some pondering) I came up with the idea of brownies stuffed with one of my all-time favorite candies, Rolos. I needed just a little something extra, and roasted marshmallows seemed like the perfect thing to throw on the top.

Most treats that I make end up being shared with my coworkers. These brownies did not get shared with my coworkers. My husband and I ate the ENTIRE batch by ourselves. Every last crumb. I can't even tell you how sinfully delicious they were. 

These are well worth being awake in the middle of the night!