Snowman Cupcakes

I am so excited to share this post with you today! My friend Paula is not only a fun, kind and amazing individual who I love dearly, she is also a very creative and talented baker. I saw a photo of these cute snowmen that she shared on Facebook last week and asked her if she would like to share them on my blog, as well. I was beyond happy that she said yes! I was honestly like a giddy little schoolgirl about it. Maybe next I will ask her to share the OH-MY-GOODNESS-BEAUTIFUL cakes that she makes. They are unbelievable.

These snowmen are adorable. Wouldn't they be a perfect treat to bring to a holiday party this week? Everyone, help me thank Paula for sharing her creativity and time with us!! Thank you, P'licious!

When Megan asked me to write a guest post for her food blog I was thrilled!! I have a passion for baking, but especially for making cakes and cupcakes. I had a dream of being one of those really cool cake decorators like you see on TV. I actually signed up for a cake decorating class once, but on the first day of class, the instructor didn’t show up and had apparently moved to Arizona. I took that as a hint and continued by just trying stuff on my own and have had a few things turn out really cute.

These cupcakes were made for a work party and after working very hard on them decided they were way too cute and time consuming for co-workers. Don’t get me wrong, I like my co-workers, just not this much! They all loved them and appreciated how much time they took me to make, so I guess they redeemed themselves a little bit.

Snowman Cupcakes:

Pick your favorite cake mix flavor, it doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s up to you. Bake the cupcakes according to the cake mix directions and cool.

Just a little tip about box cake mixes; replace the oil in the recipe with an equal amount of softened butter. It makes a thicker batter and much easier to spoon into cupcake papers.

Here’s what you’ll need for creating your snowmen:

White Icing (canned is fine)

Large Marshmallows

Waxed Paper

Pretzel Sticks

Black & Orange Decorator’s Gel (or orange food coloring to color your white icing)

Junior Mints

Thin Mints (or any flat mint cookie; I used Keebler Grasshoppers)

Red or Orange fruit roll-ups

Frost your cupcakes with the white icing, make sure you leave some icing for putting your “top hat” together.

Take a marshmallow and flatten it with your palm on the waxed paper, then put another marshmallow on top and put a pretzel stick up through the flattened marshmallow. (Basically your flattened marshmallow will be the snowman’s tummy).

Then stick it into the cupcake. 

Now using your decorator’s gel, add his eyes, mouth, buttons, and nose, obviously using the orange gel for his “carrot” nose.

Next take a pretzel stick and snap it in half and then insert it in the body of the snowman for his arms.

Now take your junior mint and put a bit of icing on it and add it to the cookie, then put some icing on the cookie and plop it on the snowman’s head.

Last is the “scarf”. Unroll your fruit roll up and using a knife, slice off about a ¼ inch piece the long way. Wrap it around the snowman’s neck. I just overlapped it but if you had a long enough piece you could tie it.

TA DA!!! Your family and friends will thing you’re a genius, but only you will know how easy they were, just a lot of time! If you’re anything like me, when you’re creating treats for family and friends, who cares how long it takes because you love them and want them to enjoy what you’ve made!

One word of caution: I made these in the evening and then brought them to work the next day. The pretzel in the middle of the snowman absorbed a lot of moisture and started to bend, so, I hadsnowmen that looked like they had drank way too much eggnog!! Try not to decorate yours until an hour or so before you want to serve them or use a toothpick but PLEASE warn your guests about the toothpick!!!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!

Paula aka P’licious