Veggie and Salami Croissanwich

This is my favorite sandwich of ALL TIME. It is loaded with veggies, salami, mayo and even cream cheese!

My mother is a great cook. I have always raved about her food. She makes mouth-watering pork chops and potatoes and chicken and even her macaroni & cheese is beyond delicious. This veggie & salami croissant sandwich is my favorite thing that she makes. Every time I see her, I put in a request. And no matter how many times I make it myself, I can never get it to taste quite like hers. Why is that?

Cut a butter croissant in half, lengthwise (the bigger, the better). Spread mayonnaise on the inside of one of the croissant halves and spread cream cheese on the inside of the other half. As my mom has told me many times, make sure to spread the mayo and cream cheese all the way out to the edges of the croissant to ensure every bite is filled with as much flavor as possible. No half-hearted spreading allowed!

Sprinkle a light dusting of seasoning salt over the cream cheese and mayo.

On the bottom half of the croissant, stack:

A few slices of salami

Sliced tomatoes

Sliced cucumbers

Snap peas

Alfalfa sprouts

Place the other half of the croissant on top and cut in half.

I should probably mention that this sandwich can get pretty messy. Also, I often list other ingredients that can be possible substitutes in other recipes. For this sandwich, everything is perfect! I suggest making it exactly as it is written. The flavors mix perfectly to create my favorite sandwich in all the world. 

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