A happy home

I will never claim to be the perfect parent, or anything even close to that. There are days when I let Elijah watch way too much tv, and I don't always offer him vegetables. Sometimes Sam wears the same milk-stained onesie two days in a row, and I often let his toenails get too long.

With that said, there are a few things I feel Bif and I have done well in our three and a half years as parents. In addition to teaching our boys about Jesus (the most important thing), we have also done a good job of setting an overall happy mood for our home.

I have been in living situations where the atmosphere was not always pleasant. Where I found myself walking on eggshells and trying to constantly determine what mood I was going to encounter that day.

I by no means expect my family to suppress their moods if they are anything but favorable. We all have our sad, grumpy, angry moments, and that is healthy and normal. The difference is that we are honest about our feelings. We don't privately stew over being angry or sad while making the other members of the house tiptoe around.

Every morning I am reminded what a happy home we have. When I go into Elijah's bedroom to get him out of bed for the day, I am greeted with the sweetest and most genuinely happy, "Good morning, Mom!"

I love our happy home.