Lightroom presets - batch editing

Sometimes I take so many pictures that I expect my camera to let out a huge sigh and then say to me, "Let me rest, woman!" I have most definitely gotten my money's worth out of that thing. I love taking photographs. Lots and lots of photographs.

The more photos I take, the more photos I have to edit. Having an already stretched-in-every-direction lifestyle, I do not have the time to edit each photo individually. This would take forever!

Reason #4,892 why I adore Lightroom: Presets/batch editing. Multiple photos that were taken in the same setting and lighting can be edited very quickly.

As always when editing, I make sure to click on the Develop tab on the upper right portion of my window. Can you see the tiny thumbnails that run along the bottom of my window in the below image? I select the thumbnail on the far left. You can see that all of the thumbnails that come after it contain the same colors and lighting. I sat in one spot and took about thirty pictures of a Santa-hatted Samson. Neither of us moved, so not much changed aside from maybe the amount of drool that dripped from his mouth.

I split my screen so that the original photo and the edited photo are both visible. I make my edits and now am ready to apply the same changes to the rest of the photos in the series.

I click on the Copy button on the lower left part of my window.

Close-up of the Copy/Paste buttons.

A dialog box appears, asking me to confirm the adjustments I wish to copy. I usually check everything excluding Spot Removal and Crop.

Once I have copied my settings, I can now select the other photos in the batch and paste the changes into them.

And with a simple click of the Paste button, the same adjustments I made on that first photo are magically applied. In a matter of minutes, I can edit 30 photos!

If only I could find a Paste button for diaper changes.