Kona grill

Kona Grill opened in the city where I work a couple years ago. Maybe less. Judging from the outside of the building, I always thought it would be out of my price range and a bit too fancy for my liking. Then some coworkers suggested heading there for lunch to eat sushi. I do not pass up sushi, so to Kona Grill we went!

The inside has very swanky decor. Colorful blown glass that takes me back to Bellagio in Vegas adorns the celing near the sushi bar, and fun lighting can be found throughout the dining area. Upon being seated, I still believed the prices would be out of my comfort zone. We ordered sashimi and a few rolls and everything was delicious! The check came and I could not believe it! The total was almost half what we pay for the same amount of food at the sushi joint down the street. At that moment, I fell in love with Kona Grill.

I have been back a handful of times with my coworkers, with other friends and with my husband. I have tried lunch, happy hour and dinner and they are all excellent. The happy hour deals are incredible. You can choose from a list of about eight sushi rolls, a handful of other appetizers and a select number of drinks and pay half the original price!

My husband and I ordered the chicken and shrimp romaine wraps on a recent outing. They were delicious! The only complaint we had was that although the pieces of romaine look pretty, they don't serve the purpose of lettuce wraps very well. Give me a big piece of lettuce that I can fill up, please!

You can't really go wrong with edamame. Yum.

During a lunch date with a friend, we ordered this special called the Lobster Asparagus Roll. Heaven on a sushi plate! I have ordered this one time since because I am afraid it is going to be yanked from the menu.

The Rainbow Roll is one of my all-time favorites. It is basically a California roll topped with tuna, salmon, shrimp and yellowtail. DELISH!

And guess what? Kona Grills litter the country! Go check one out!