The BEST Pumpkin Bars

These delicious Pumpkin Bars SCREAM fall. They are moist, totally irresistible and full of yummy pumpkin flavor. Great for your next fall gathering! They'll go like hot cakes!

The weather was so crisp and lovely this past weekend that I decided to accept autumn's arrival. I had a hard time letting go of summer this year. Maybe it's because I was confined to my home to care for a newborn for a lot of it. Anyway, acceptance feels good. It is never fun to fight reality. So, along with autumn comes all of that delicious fall food, which is one of the best things about this season, in my opinion.

These pumpkin bars scream fall to me. And they are so, so scrumptious. And super easy to make. And I wish I could even begin to describe in words how deliciously wonderful they smell when baking. ENJOY!

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