Jason's Deli

When I am at work, I try to get out of my office during my lunch hour on most days. Sitting in my office-cave for nine hours straight can cause me to start hallucinating. Sometimes I run errands, or, on the days Bif is home with the boys, I will speed home to spend twenty minutes with them. Occasionally I will meet a friend for lunch, and when I do, there are a handful of places I like to go. Crumb, Wildifire, Cam Ranh Bay, a few sushi spots and my new favorite, Jason's Deli.

This deli rocks. I have never had a bad experience here, and I have visited it at least twelve times in the past year. Maybe twenty. Or twenty-five.

It is beneficial to have a gorgeous man accompanying you while you visit the deli.

The menu is extensive, but let me tell you what I have tried.

My favorite is the Spinach Veggie Wrap. It contains a mere 359 calories and it is also supremely delicious. This is my Jason's Deli "staple." I always order it with steamed veggies. I do love my veggies.

The salad bar is phenomenal. There are tons of options and it is reasonably priced. You can even purchase a visit to the salad bar via a monitor at the front of the store. It is super convenient since it allows you to bypass the crazy lunch lines.

Amy's Turkey-O sandwich is great, too. It is served on a toasted onion bun and contains turkey, avocado, jalapeno, red onions, tomatoes and lettuce. Yum!

The Ranchero Wrap is delicious. Chicken, cheese, jalapenos, salsa and ranch dressing. Could you ask for more?

And recently (today, that is), I tried the famous Muffaletta sandwich. It was fabulous. I adore olives and it definitely delivered in the olive arena. In case you are wondering, the Muffaletta is an Italian sandwich that originated in the city of New Orleans. It's contents are: toasted sesame seed grilled muffaletta bread, olive spread, antipasti, rich olive oil and provolone cheese melted over turkey or ham.

This is what my QUARTER muffaletta sandwich looked like.

Close enough to the photo on the menu.

Bif ordered the Turkey Wrap and it was simply delicious. I like simple, and this wrap was simple. And delicious. And only 359 calories. Minus the chips, I presume.

Jason's Deli also serves Po'boys, build-your-own sandwiches, potatoes, hot pasta, a light menu, fabulous desserts and non-salad-bar salads. There is also a great kids' menu.

And did you know you get free ice cream? FREE ICE CREAM! I will frequent any place that offers free ice cream. And free chocolate topping.

The customer service is excellent, as well. I love this place. If you are lucky enough to have one near you, check it out! Now!