16 Must-Try Recipes From Some Incredible Latin Countries!

Do you love Mexican food? I do! Now, I love a good Tex-Mex meal but I was inspired to start looking for some delicious, authentic recipes from Mexico because they are celebrating their Independence Day September 16. However, once you start looking for good foods, you get inundated with so many amazing creations! On my search, I found some foods that weren't just from Mexico and my list got a whole lot longer than 16 recipes. But there just isn't room to go over every amazing meal, drink or dessert. There just isn't! But I enjoyed looking and reading through so many wonderful ways to prepare food from other cultures. Now I want to give you an amazing list and some great food bloggers to check out. So, without further ado, please enjoy making each one of these delicious Hispanic foods or drinks and enjoy! Once you are on their sites, if you start checking through the recipe index, you'll see what I mean about so many good recipes to try out and great tips on making it the way that its done in their country! It'll be tough to pick just a couple to make. Buen provecho!

Mexican Street Corn Tostadas

I saw these tostadas and I knew that Isabel from Isabel Eats had something amazing to share with me. These look like something delicious that you'd find prepared as you order on a corner walking around town in a little corner of Mexico. Fresh food with combinations of foods that are simple and fulfilling. You can imagine that this is just one of many delicious ways to prepare a tostada - but start here!

Authentic Horchata Recipe

This is a smooth, creamy, rich drink from different countries in South America. Charbel at My Latina Table is going to teach you how she prepared it in Mexico and give you some tips on how to thoroughly enjoy all that this drink can offer you in the way of refreshment. The name Horchata will now mean something wonderful to you!

Bean and Cheese Pupusas

The country of El Salvador has perfected the tortilla/cheese/bean combination in this flavorful meal of Pupusas. You can make these stuffed tortillas with so many delicious combinations but let Stephanie at Sustaining the Powers teach you how to knock this simple delicious Pupusa out of the park then take on changing up the ingredients.

Salsa Verde Recipe

Mely at Mexico in my Kitchen can teach us more than a thing or two about preparing Mexican dishes because she's native to this country that brings us so many wonderful dishes! I love to make my own salsa and learning from a pro is worth seeking out and doing it as they do rather than twisting open a can off your local grocery shelf. Enjoy this flavorful salsa on many different dishes in your home!

Black Bean Spinach Enchiladas

I have used this recipe many many times in our home and to share a meal with others. The reason that this recipe from The Garden Grazer stuck out to me was that the enchilada sauce in the recipe is so easy to make and is so much more tasty than anything off the shelf that you could use in this recipe. Sometimes I add meat to this recipe but this recipe is a winner either way you prepare it. 

Blackened Fish Tacos with Avocado Cilantro Sauce

Fish is a healthy option that my whole family likes to eat but having multiple fabulous ways to prepare it is a must. This taco recipe from Morgan over at Host the Toast has an amazing sauce that compliments her fish taco recipe. Make sure to check it out!

Arroz Con Leche

If you grew up with rice being a dessert, maybe prepared by your grandma, then you'll love trying this sweetened rice with milk and cinnamon. If you have never thought of rice as a dessert, then you'll still win because this is an easy, delicious treat that Mexicans have shared with us. Follow the instructions from Kelley at Mom Makes Dinner and you'll enjoy a fun treat for the whole family - Kelley said it even makes a delicious breakfast!

Pao de Queijo

I was introduced to these amazing light puffy cheese breads at a restaurant locally. The restaurant was pricey and the food was good but nothing special to return for. But these cheese puffs made me go in search of a recipe and I found it! Please let Bee at Rasa Malaysia teach you how to make these amazing little treats that will be gone before you know it and you'll be glad you learned to make them yourself!

Carne en su Jugo

I'd like to introduce you to a delicious beef soup from the state of Jalisco, Mexico. This flavorful soup boasts of tender meat, delicious beans and lots of tomatillos in a recipe that will become a comfort food as the weather turns cooler. This soup is filling and healthy too! I was excited to find this recipe from In Mama Maggie's Kitchen for my own family to enjoy steamy, hot bowls of soup this winter. 

Cucumber Lime Chia Water

This is a delicious way to enjoy a refreshing, tangy drink on your deck or porch this summer! It's a wonderful change up from plain water or just a lemon in the water. But it's not filled with all kinds of stuff you can't pronounce and you'll be surprised how good it is and want to keep this in the house. Chia seeds in my drink were new to me and this is a wonderful way to enjoy keeping hydrated. Visit Chef Maca and you can read the site in spanish or english (there's a button on the right hand side of the screen to toggle languages on the main page).

Chorizo Con Papas

Using chorizo for your meat with these potatoes are a nice flavorful changeup and hearty meal to make on the fly. It's quick, easy and delicious - especially for those men (or women) in your life that are into hearty foods. In Mama Maggie's Kitchen, she'll walk you through how you can easily add this to some eggs or a flour tortilla but anyway you enjoy it, you'll get a bold taste of Mexico. 

Chilaquiles Manifesto

If you're not familiar with Chilaquiles, I'm glad we can help make an introduction! This is an easy, delicious meal that can be breakfast or brinner, you won't go wrong! The beautiful thing about Chilaquiles are there are so many ways to make them and even if you make the same version twice, they'll turn out just a little different. Yes, more please! has the low-down on how to prepare these amazing creations and why Chilaquiles are so wonderful.

Grilled Corn with Cilantro Queso Fresco Sauce

The fresh corn on the cob is being sold at farmers markets and out on the highway as its being pulled from the stalks. The sweetness of the corn is delicious. We also know that you can enjoy one thing in many different ways - so this is a great way to change up the routine and have a savory piece of corn on the cob! Laylita can show you how it's made in Ecuador, where their corn isn't sweet like ours but they know how to make a good meal out of corn!

Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

This is amazing looking - this potato stuffed with all kinds of goodness to swirl together and eat. You have some flavors you'd traditionally find on nachos but in a baked sweet potato! Try it out and see what you think -it's fun to mix up the menu! Also, this fits the Whole30 menu and can be made in an Instant Pot so there's so many reasons why you SHOULD make this! 40 Aprons is the place to get all the information on this tasty recipe. 

Tres Leches Cake

This is such a delicious, rich cake made from 3 milks, thus the name Tres Leches. Tastes Better From Scratch helps you make it the right way, rather than from a mix or box and it'll be worth the time you put in because it's a light and airy cake that just soaks up the milk with just the right texture to hold it and let you enjoy every bite. This is a simple dessert you must try!

Mexican Michelada

When in Rome, you must try a Roman drink. When celebrating all things Mexico, you must celebrate with a Michelada! This is a Bloody Mary Beer with lots of spicy, intense flavor that you will either love or not. This drink is classic to Mexico, with several variations of the original, of course, depending on where in Mexico you are. Ever In Transit can help you put together a fabulous version that you'll be sure to find refreshing. But be sure to have fun with this drink, saying "Salud!" to your drinking partner as you throw back a drink.