15 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Fruit All Summer Long

There are so many ways to enjoy fruit in the summer. Check out this incredible collection of fruity summer recipes!

Summer passes by so quickly - some days it feels like you blink and it's already full steam ahead to fall weather. I love summer weather, enjoying walking or biking, getting lots of Vitamin D and grilling. I also like the availability of so many good fruits! You have to take advantage of these amazing recipes and explore some diverse and delicious flavors. So go ahead, while it's warm and the trees and plants are dishing up amazing ingredients, go ahead and plan how many fruit dishes you can make. Eating fruit fresh and right off the tree or out of the peeling is great. But, lets change it up! Let's explore these tasty recipes. So without further adieu, enjoy these 15 amazing combinations from some very creative food blogs so that you can partake of them in your kitchen!

Rainbow Smoothie 

This is definitely a show stopper - look at those vibrant colors, it looks like a piece of art! But this is actually something nature made, you can eat after you mix up all these amazing fruit combinations. The First Year will take you through how to make a fun and delicious Rainbow Smoothie for you and yours!

Breakfast Banana Split

There's something about calling your breakfast a well-known and delicious dessert. All of a sudden your taste buds come alive and you're hungry for this combination of granola, yogurt, chocolate chips and berries all sitting on top of a banana. Art From My Table is successful in taking what are all everyday ingredients and making them beautifully combined in a delicious and healthy breakfast meal. Bon appetit!

Pomegranate and Basil Bruschetta

You never have to ask me twice if I'd like some bruschetta. Or basil. I love fresh basil! Or pomegranates, actually. I've discovered how tasty pomegranate is, a full body of tastes in your mouth. So this is a win of combination of flavors here on a beautiful display over an appetizer you can share with friends stopping by or at dinner where the appetizer becomes the meal. My Darling Vegan will show you how simplicity in this recipe is fulfilling at the table. 

Balsamic Berry Vegan Grilled Cheese

What I love about this recipe is that it's a traditional favorite - you're definitely going to be making this in your home. You know that a crispy, buttery exterior to the sandwich makes all the ooey goodness crunch, then melt in your mouth. So go on an adventure with Neurotic Mommy to pop some fruit and veggies along with the cheese and drizzled balsamic vinaigrette over it. Don't worry about it looking pretty - the colors do the work for you, you just need to make sure you get every sweet and savory bite into your mouth!

Healthy Apple Donuts

You probably had to read that recipe title twice.  Your eyes gravitated towards the word "donuts" but then you realized that they were apple. This recipe takes something you love and helps you twist it into a fun, healthy snack/dessert. Win-win! Laura Fuentes will guide you through taking a sweet, crunchy apple and making it into a dazzling treat with any combination of toppings that will make you realize you could be eating these way more often and giving the kids in your home a healthy snack!

Pineapple Firecracker Chicken

Here is a great way to enjoy pineapple - cut it up - sneak a few bites of said pineapple, then continue to prepare a quick, super flavorful meal for dinner with the remaining chunks. I love the sweet and savory mix of this meal over a bed of rice. Eazy Peazy Mealz introduces a meal that you'll be sure to want again and again. 

Pineapple Pachadi

I do not know a lot about authentic Indian Food but I do know a lot about food. So when I see something with fresh pineapple a creamy texture, and laid out so beautifully, I know I have to try it. But do I want to go to the frozen meal in the aisle at the grocer to tell me about Indian food? No, I want someone who knows first hand how to prepare delicious flavors as they are prepared and served in India. Visit Happy and Harried to learn how to bring this recipe to life in your home so you can have a little fresh taste of India. 

Strawberry Banana Sushi Rolls

Sometimes the best foods or snacks are ones that are the foods we love but twisted up in a different packaging. If you or your kids love yogurt, granola or fruit, this is a fun way to put out a healthy snack or add into your child's bento box. The Foodie Physician takes ingredients you already love and makes them into a  fun presentation that's sure to impress!

Waldorf Chicken Salad

Over at Living Well Mom, we found a twist on two salad favorites, to enjoy them combined! This is also a great way to lighten up a salad favorite and add some delicious protein if you desire but still keep it dairy free. Then she adds some delicious fresh fruits to the salad to spiff it up, as if it needs any. Give this salad a try and enjoy a delicious lunch!

Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Chips

I am a salsa girl through and through. So bring on the combinations! This is a fun way to make salsa a fun spin - instead of spicy you make it sweet and talk of the evening . This recipe is tasty and easy to dip into for an appetizer to share or chow down on by yourself over a good movie or book. Head on over to The Girl Who Ate Everything and find out how easy it is to make this recipe while the fruit is ripe!

Nectarine Pizza with Fresh Basil and Balsamic Reduction

This is just one of two pizzas with fruit on it so I think you grasp that pizza is always a win at our home. How about yours? This recipe is meant to be dinner and have a little sweetness to the savoriness of the meal. It's baked taking the intensity of the sweetness down paired nicely with balsamic (I apologize if you don't love balsamic, because I do and you'll see it recommended ALWAYS) and fresh basil. Fresh basil has the best smell and just an earthy full bodied smell. Please give Alexandra Cooks a look and make sure to try this meal out soon.

Easy Fruit Sorbet

This to me is a dessert but it's also perfectly acceptable to eat it without the kids knowing and call it a snack. I mean, we all deserve to have an extra snack in the day and one that's all fruit is great! I love that it's dairy free and just carries an intense fruit flavor through the whole bowl. SO many flavors, you can have fresh sorbet every day through the summer! Some of them could be mixed together! Let the Flavor Blender walk you through this so you too can enjoy this delicious "snack" (if your kids or family doesn't know and you can get away with it).

Healthy No Bake Chocolate Fruit Pizza

If I could amend the title to this recipe, I would cross out "healthy" and just call it no bake chocolate fruit pizza. Only because, and this is just me, I want to enjoy my dessert and not worry about being too healthy. BUT the beautiful thing about Super Healthy Kids recipe is that it is healthy but still o so tasty! It caught my eye before I read about it and I just literally taste it as it was being described. I knew that my kids and I would thoroughly enjoy making it together (and bonus of no waiting on it to bake and cool!) plus decorating it. Isn't it fun when you can find healthier eating options that doesn't make you feel like you are giving anything up?

Mango Raspberry Chia Seed Pudding

Have you tried chia seeds in your foods or drinks? There's a variety of great benefits to it and I've enjoyed incorporating them into my diet. However, it's definitely cheaper to make chia recipes yourself than buy them made. They are always in the organic/healthy sections and the price tag shoots up. Here's a super delicious recipe to make for breakfast or evening treat! Adding a little bit of fruit will sweeten the pudding and you'll enjoy having a no-guilt dessert. Head on over to Crazy Vegan Kitchen to get on the chia train and enjoy this for yourself!

Winter Fruit Salad

This dessert is a nice one to tuck away when you are longing for fruit and know that most of it isn't fresh and flavorful like it is in the summer. Although, you could actually call this "All Year Long Fruit Salad" too because it'd be just as good in the summer. I like the little dressing that covers the fruit to keep it from looking old and mixes well together. This is visually appealing and would be a hit at a holiday gathering just as much at home on your own dinner table with family. Dinner at the Zoo will make you glad you stopped by to make this salad and share with others!