12 Unique Recipes To Share at Your Holiday Table

It’s that time of the year - Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday meals are being planned! Been making the same casserole or vegetable dish year after year? It’s time to mix it up and bring a unique dish to your next holiday gathering. Instead of the same traditional casserole, try the fun recipes below!

Twice-Baked Acorn Squash with Maple Butter and Pecans

This side dish replaces your twice-baked potatoes and takes things up a level. A Cozy Kitchen will show you how to put together this beautiful vegetable with amazing maple flavors mixed in and they look pretty too!

Chili Garlic Cauliflower

Your taste buds might be craving a little spice and complex flavors when you hear what’s in this cauliflower recipe. This isn’t something you see at your average Thanksgiving or Christmas meal - but maybe you should! Flavorful Eats adds ginger, fresh garlic and spicy garlic chili sauce to this veggie dish and it sounds mouth-watering delicious!

Moroccan Carrot Salad

The colorful palate first caught my eye with this salad. And next? The missing lettuce! But I was intrigued about a carrot salad from Morocco so I clicked on it. Food to Glow brought a really unique salad together and I know you’ll be as curious as I am. The ingredients in this list aren’t something you’d see everyday mixed together, but they are intriguing and definitely worth making so you can have the pleasure of tasting it firsthand!

Roasted Potato Pesto Salad

I’ve never considered adding pesto to potato salad. But now that you mention it…A Southern Soul does put together a pretty good case for this amazing looking recipe! I can imagine the flavors coming together and I know that you’re going to want to try it too!

Cheese and Bacon Biscuits

Bacon. Cheese. Bacon and Cheese together in a crispy biscuit will be a delicious compliment to all the foods being served at your meal. Or you could set them out before the meal begins for a savory treat but my prediction is they would disappear in a jiffy! Roti N Rice will give you the details on how to make this tasty snack.

Pretzel Bread Quinoa Stuffing with Garlic Butter Mushrooms

The title says it all! Stuffing is a staple at many holiday tables but the chewy flavorful pretzel with the protein packed quinoa with garlic and mushrooms is a must have side dish this holiday season. How Sweet Eats lays out the directions for this amazing complement to your main dish!

Fresh and Light Authentic Tabbouleh

I like learning about a culture when I cook new dishes from places I’ve never been. Christine at Colorful Recipes gives us a glimpse into Lebanese food as she explains why this recipe is so enticing and what we see in the prepackaged salads in the super market isn’t nearly as exciting. I can almost taste the tabbouleh bursting with flavor from here!

Grilled Eggplant Caponata

The more colorful and bright a recipe is the more healthy and delicious you know it’ll be. That’s the case here! Feasting at Home brings simple ingredients together in a bowl of goodness ready for you to devour this before you remember there’s other sides to also enjoy. Whether you prepare it as an appetizer or side dish, everyone wins.

Easy Sausage Dip

If you invite guests over before your meal is ready, share this recipe as an appetizer. If you clear the table and guests stay over to play games or watch a movie and get hungry, this is the snack you serve. Sweet Little Bluebird will make it easy for you to put together the 3 simple ingredients together in your slow cooker so you’re always prepared and everyone’s happy.

Roasted Apple and Cranberry Sauce

Strength and Sunshine gives you a delicious smelling cranberry sauce to fill the home with as you roast your fruit before you put it together in a sauce. She pairs these two fruits and blends them to make a creamy sauce that is sugar-free and a Paleo recipe amidst a holiday table that is filled with so much goodness you’ll be thankful to eat this guilt-free.

Spicy Chipotle & Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs taken to the next level brough to you by Bon Appeteach. I mean, you can have the classic version and then add these! They are so mesmerizing and delicious looking, you’ll be guaranteed to eat more than one smoky flavored egg. The cheese crisps that garnish the eggs will be worth it alone!

Salted Caramel Apple Snickers Cake

This is the show stopper. The final touch to a day full of savory dishes, delicious foods. Here you have a beautiful looking dessert that will have everyone’s taste buds agree to make a little more room available to eat a piece of this cake. Make this cake in advance because you want to take your time putting each part together and to be able to finger test each element of it, of course. Half baked Harvest promises it’s worth the effort.


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