THE FINAL DAY - day in SW Mpls 'burbs

It's perfectly normal to see my cute boys posing alongside our car with a bunch of bananas in hand, right? Oh good, phew. More on that in a bit.

We woke up at our beautiful campground this morning and treated my dad and stepmom to one of my trademark breakfasts. Making breakfast has become one of my favorite parts of this journey. The breakfasts usually include eggs, veggies of many varieties with a meat sometimes thrown in and usually with salsa and/or jalapenos on the side. After a sad goodbye, we packed up and 1. dropped Buddy off to play with his old puppy pals, 2. picked up my car (which baaaaarely started) and 3. headed back to the exact location where we began this journey, Dan's parents' home.

The boys were super excited to see our car again. They hugged and kissed it and hopped in with their bunch of bananas because they'd been playing "minions" and it seemed like an appropriate prop to have on hand. I didn't give it a single thought until I peeked back at them at a stop light to see ONE banana remaining and five banana peels surrounding it. Together, in FIFTEEN MINUTES, my boys ate FIVE bananas. Needless to say, lunch was taken care of for the day.

Dan's parents' house is so peaceful. I've always loved spending time here. It feels so good to be able to park our home right next to their home for a few nights. Since they live in a cul-de-sac, I jumped on the opportunity to get my boys onto bikes. Neither boy has expressed any interest in learning to ride a bike, but it is time. I used a little bit of bribery and despite the crazy humidity, they put a ton of effort in today. We'll keep working!

Today is the last official day of our adventure. It's WEIRD! The entire day has had a strange vibe. Dan is prepping for his first day of work tomorrow, we're contemplating where to live next and also mentally preparing for a new school year. A new thing I'm implementing is major stress reduction. Minus the day-to-day worries, our summer was so carefree and I refuse to fall back into the crazy busy non-stop insane life we left back in mid-June. I have already said NO to a handful of offers (work and social) and I plan to continue that for a while. Everything we do from now on will be intentional, thought out and meaningful. This feels good.

Although this is our last day, I have much more to share regarding logistical tips, things we've taken away from the adventure and so much more. Please don't go anywhere! Our adventure is technically done,'s NOT DONE!