Spirit Lake, IA to Shakopee, MN - BACK HOME!

Stop #24
Miles driven this leg: 203
Total miles driven: 6747
States visited: 14

Holy cow, people, we are BACK HOME! I knew it would be strange to be back, but I didn't realize just how strange. We drove by our old exit as we pulled into town and Dan and I both had major pangs of sadness/weirdness. I kept thinking of our comfy beds which now reside in a storage unit. Normally we'd pull off on that familiar exit, park in that familiar driveway and drowsily walk into that familiar townhome that we lived in for so long. We would take a nap in those comfy beds and lazily unpack. Instead, we drove right on by and headed to our very own Wal-Mart parking lot. Normally we run in and out and scurry back home. Today we parked our home on wheels in the lot like we have so many times, but it was just weird mixing "adventure norms" with "ingrained norms." A notable observation: The persons wandering about our good ol' WM are much less strange than most other WM wanderers we have encountered on our trip.

Do you remember a few stops back when the boys were soooo excited to earn a couple individual boxes of laundry detergent? The boys scoped out...gasp...OXI CLEAN...in our campground's laundry room right away today, so they immediately began doing chores to earn a box. Seriously! Who would have thought detergent would make them so happy?!

Our bonus for the night is that my dad and stepmom are staying in the HQ with us on their way up north. The boys enjoyed some snuggle time with Grammie before bed after a yummy grilled dinner and s'mores!

A lot is swimming around in my head right now. I cannot believe the things we have just experienced. It all went so fast. We had low/scary moments. We had many breathtaking/life-changing/unbelievable moments. We have had our perspectives altered in major ways. I'll stop with that so I can enjoy this fire and my parents for a bit before sinking into my pillows. Thank you SO MUCH for following this crazy journey of ours!!