Day 2 in Spirit Lake, IA

Aaaahh, another day spent in the serenity of Iowa. Iowa can be such an easy target with its pigs and cows and corn, but it'll always be my home. I love the endless corn fields and crickets and fireflies and open spaces. I'm sitting here at our LAST bonfire before we are back in Minnesota and pondering our trip. In distance and in setting, Los Angeles has by far been the farthest end of the spectrum from where we're sitting tonight. I still have so much to process about this trip. The reason for it, the experiences, the protection that has been placed over us, the good that has come from it, the rough parts, the way we've been immensely blessed, the blessings we've been fortunate enough to deliver to others, the realization that we have WAAAAAAY too much stuff, the friends and family we've been able to see, the way our perspectives on life have changed and the fact that we now LOVE living in a tiny, mobile home. All of this will be written about in the days to come.

Tomorrow we will officially be back home, but I am declaring TUESDAY to be the official-official last day of our trip since Dan starts his new job on Wednesday. We're living it up right till the last minute! :)

We spent the day at my aunt and uncle's beautiful lake house again today. It was wonderful. I squeezed in time on the dock and in the sun, resting time on the couch (in between visits from my boys, which are always welcome and cute), time with our doggy and time knee-to-knee with my hubby. Elijah, Dan and I came back to the RV park in the early evening to pack up and get ready to head back to Minnesota tomorrow. Sammy is spending another night with Grammie, Gramps and cousins tonight! Lucky boy!

Buddy was so funny today. He jumped off my aunt and uncle's dock for the first time and it was SO FUNNY watching him doggy-paddle to his ball and then to shore. It looked so stressful! But then he popped right up and wanted more. Both last night and tonight when we packed up to come back to the RV park, Bud laid down on the lawn and RE. FUSED. to get up. Both nights Dan literally had to pick him up and carry him to the car. Apparently he loves my family and lakes.

To sweeten having to leave the house early (Elijah absolutely needed to be in his own bed again tonight), we promised a fire and s'mores. It's strange, but without Sammy around he seemed so much more responsible and mature. The three of us had such a fun and light-hearted evening together. Elijah was grateful for his delicious treat and we were thankful for his delightful attitude.

Our last pre-Minnesota bonfire!

Even after the trip is "done," there will be more. This isn't the end of our portable life. More on that to come!

We are heading to bed! Thanks for peeking in!