Newell, IA to Spirit Lake, IA

Stop #23
Miles driven this leg: 64
Total miles driven: 6544
States visited: 14

I'm a day late again! We are having a hard time tearing ourselves away from family and friends, which is a good problem to have. Yesterday we arrived in Spirit Lake and were greeted by my dad's side of the family. My aunt and uncle's house on the lake is a peaceful retreat and an adventure we look forward to going on every summer.

We found a peaceful little campground tucked into some corn fields. A few of my best friends in the world came to town for a visit in the evening. Dan graciously watched over the boys while my girlies and I caught up and spent some much-needed time together.

The boys are having a BLAST with their second cousins and other family and Buddy is perfecting his doggy paddle in the lake. We'll be here in Spirit Lake for a few more days! More to come!