Day in Spirit Lake, IA

I only have ONE photo to share today because guess what? I kinda took the day off. I vegged like a giant zucchini for nearly the entire day. Did I mention the giant zucchini we encountered recently? My friend Heather's neighbors brought over a zucchini from their rural Iowan garden that was larger than one of my calves. No joke.

There's something about spending time with family that releases the restraints the world has on my brain. Today I laid in the sun, played with the dog, snuggled with my cuties, gawked yummy food on Pinterest, caught up with family who we don't get to see nearly enough, dipped my toes in the lake and stuffed my belly with tons of delicious food. My family is a lot like me when it comes to food. We love food. And when we get together, we eat food.

Tomorrow we will do much of the same. It'll be our last full day in Iowa. The next few days will sadly wrap up our amazing summer adventure. We will be venturing into uncertain territory in the next days and weeks and there are question marks hanging over a handful of big things for us. As always, the unknown adventures that await are exciting but are also a tiny bit scary.

Sammy is having a sleepover with my dad and stepmom tonight, Elijah is tucked away in his bunkbed and Dan and I are heading to bed. We are TIRED but happy tonight. More Iowan adventures tomorrow!