Cañon City, CO to North Platte, NE

Stop #21
Miles driven this leg: 418
Total miles driven: 6060
States visited: 13

After another round of the boys feverishly doing chores in order to buy tiny boxes of laundry detergent from the campground laundry room (seriously), we departed the beautiful Cañon City, Colorado. On our way through Denver we stopped by my AMAZING heart mama friend Andrea's house. Andrea and her family have been a source of great inspiration for me over the years. Their family exemplifies strength, faith and love! We were so happy to stop by and give them hugs before departing Colorado. Andrea's dog Oreo provided Buddy with some good play time, which was much needed. Buddy looked like this for nearly the entire trip to mid-Nebraska..

Unless you've been somewhere once before, you just never know what to expect with each new campground. A website can make a place look fantastic and it can be horrible in person and vice versa. The campground we're at tonight was chosen solely based on location, so our expectations were low. We LOVE it! It is grassy and shaded and beautiful with a fun playground, friendly people and a dog area. Dan and I are SUPER excited about the Dunkin Donuts right next door, which will be our first stop in the morning!

During our travels today I did tons of thinking back on this trip, the reasons it happened and the things that have come from it. I have so much to write down and I'm hoping to do that in the next week, as our trip winds down.

We are all sad to be heading back toward home. None of us know what to expect, arriving in our home city and not having a HOUSE to go to. It could be amazing or it could be a major adjustment or anything in between. What we do know is that we have loved the past 34 days and we'll NEVER forget them! Also, we have each other and that won't change.

Tomorrow we have another long travel day and after that it'll be easy peasy. Thanks for checking in! Have a great night!