Day at the Royal Gorge, CO

Stop #20
Miles driven this leg: 18
Total miles driven: 5642
States visited: 12

I apparently had not learned much or anything at all about the Royal Gorge before today because everything I learned was news to me. What an amazing place! Not only was it the perfect touristy thing for us to do as a family today, it has a ton of history, too. I think all of us, even the boys, absorbed some interesting historical facts. Sammy and Elijah were intrigued by the forest fire that destroyed the area a few years ago. They asked a ton of questions about it tonight. The fire was obviously devastating, but good things have sprung up because of it. Like the new playground and carousel that overlooks the most incredible view any playground and carousel could ever overlook.

There is a grim skydiving story related to this bridge, so it was hard for Dan and me not to think of that as we walked over it today. But it was SO. PRETTY. Even our boys noticed its beauty.

Uhh, can you guess who is personifying peace and who is anger?

We performed a bit of a shuffle as we scurried back and forth across the bridge today. We made it to a magic show, a short movie, the playground, carousel, a restaurant and even zip-lining. Buddy waited for us in a nearby kennel, so we occasionally delivered him water and love. I captured a handful of my favorite Sammy faces while Dan brought hydration to our Bud (who is still alive and hasn't perished from yesterday's bone consumption).

We can say this about so many places we've seen in the past few weeks, but WOW! What an amazing wonder. Looking down on the Gorge through the bridge was so so cool.

The boys loved finding the Minnesota flag and I love how proud they were of it!

The magic show was a huge hit for Elijah. He BEGGED us to get a starter magician kit. He has already practiced a handful of tricks, so be warned if you encounter us in the near future! :)

At the last minute Dan and I decided we couldn't leave without experiencing the highest zipline in North America. I went first..and the boys waited forever for me, bless them. It was amazing! I wouldn't call it an adrenaline rush, but more of a breath-taking nature-absorbing incredible experience that I'll never forget.

Dan was so patient waiting for me to come in and I KNEW he needed to experience it, as well. The boys and I (Bud included) headed back to our campground while Dan experienced soaring above the Royal Gorge.

In the evening we headed over to the campground's GIANT slide. Both boys were terrified, OH-MY-GOSH! Notice Sammy's foot over into the next lane in an attempt to slow down. What you can't see in the photos is the terrified SCREAMING!

Dan and I are SO happy to have to pull on long sleeves tonight. It's the first time since Washington and it feels amazing! Tomorrow we will make our first long jaunt back toward home. We are all sad, but our journey isn't done! Much more to come, friends, and thanks for reading.