Day in Canon City, CO

Today was a strange one. We woke up knowing we didn't have to do anything and it was obvious that every single one of our bodies and minds needed a day of rest. Even though we were parked all day, we hardly left our RV. Normally Dan and I encourage the boys to at least get out a little bit, but we were totally content resting and napping and gaming and movie-watching and playing and snuggling. I came into our living area after my second rest of the day and realized it was lunch time. Ha! I suppose after twenty separate stops in 32 days, this was kind of needed.

About halfway through our day Dan and I both felt like we were being attacked. Things have been going so well for us on this trip and we are becoming maybe a bit complacent, so we've both felt pulls from the devil. Both of us had ICKY dreams in the past two nights and then a handful of just little negative things happened throughout the day today.

Things were going great at breakfast and within thirty seconds everything fell to pieces. Elijah started slamming our RV door repeatedly because it wouldn't latch. Sammy spilled my coffee. Breakfast was taking forever and we were all hungry and I was trying to take pictures and cook and clean all at once. Later we tried to take the boys to the campground pool and noticed after they'd gotten in that there appeared to be a moldy residue floating on the surface. We got them out and showered quickly. Then Buddy literally consumed half of one of his bones. Like, a REAL bone. We turned around and half of it had broken off and was missing. It was nowhere in sight, so the only explanation was that it was in his stomach. We were genuinely worried for a couple hours and watched him closely as we frantically Googled "my dog ate a bone." I had terrible images of having to say goodbye to him on this vacation. So far everything seems fine, although I'm certain his stomach is working overtime tonight. This evening we decided to get out into the heat and go mini-golfing. Sammy had a fit halfway through because Hole #9 was far too challenging for his perfectionist self. I stepped across a different hole to grab my ball and caught my toe on a piece of metal. I thought it had certainly fallen off because it hurt so badly. That's when Dan looked at me and said, "We are being attacked." 

We came "home" and cozied up on the couch. We turned on Frozen (an attempt to counter the heat outside) while we munched on popcorn and ring-pops. It was much needed family time that turned everything around.

As we wrapped up some laundry tonight, the boys begged AGAIN to buy detergent from the machine in the campground laundry room. I had said no about twenty times before, but then Sammy looked at me and said desperately, "PLEASE, MOM! I'll work for it!" He did a bunch of chores in the RV, so I gave him his three precious quarters. I could not believe how happy he was to grab that little box of Clorox 2 out of the dispenser. WOW! He then had me record a video of him reenacting a Clorox Bleach commercial.

Then Elijah decided he would really like to have the fabric softener from the machine, so he did chores (our RV is squeaky clean tonight!) and ran over to purchase his very own box. Then Sammy wanted fabric softener, too, because the thought of extra-soft clothes was just too exciting. He worked super hard and earned three more quarters so he can run over and buy his very own box of fabric softener in the morning. Seriously, people, we are a circus! Even a day of complete rest produces enough material for an entire blog post!

Tomorrow we may head over to the Royal Gorge, assuming Buddy is still breathing. I am declaring an early bedtime, so see you back here tomorrow!