Polson, MT to Soap Lake, WA

Stop #5
Miles driven this leg: 347
Total miles driven: 2054
States visited: 6

Today, oh today. It's been a weird one..in both good and strange ways. We left Montana and headed westward. Western Montana was SO BEAUTIFUL that I dreamed of relocating our family. If only we could move all of Elijah's doctors along with us! All through western MT Dan and I ooed and aahed and dreamed. I could never describe in words how beautiful it is!

We pulled over once to take it in. The boys of course complained that it was too cold, but we all got out and enjoyed a most beautiful view.

The drive through the tip of Idaho and into eastern Washington was BUMPY for our HQ! Wow! Twisty, bumpy up-and-down roads made us worry constantly about our FRIDGE and also the humans inside our vehicle. We all survived.

We didn't know what to expect driving into a random part of Washington. It certainly is unique here! The scenery is gorgeous and so different from anything we've seen.

Tonight we played mini-golf and then grilled out and made s'mores by the fire. We are two hours behind Central time, so we are tired. The boys went to bed a bit "early" and Dan and I will follow shortly.

Sweet Sam's "I love you" sign.

I love this! SAMMY took this photo of me! He's a natural. Glad he captured my wrinkles so well. :)

My precious Elijah!

We are feeling like square pegs in round holes in this campground, so we may make an early departure. We'll be playing things by ear in the morning! Thanks for peeking in!