Day in Polson, MT

Today was the first day since we left Minnesota that we haven't had an agenda. The only thing on our "list" today was to walk down to Flathead Lake and that didn't even happen. We were totally fine flying by the seat of our pants. We ate a late breakfast, then we geared up and went to the pool in 60-degree temps with a giant sprinkle donut in tow.

The four of us played Marco Polo and Dan and I each performed epic cannonballs for the boys. :)

One of the great things about this trip is that we've been able to involve the boys more in daily living. The smaller our home is, the easier it seems to be to include everyone in EVERYTHING...prayer, chores, gratitude, etc.. In each town we visit, we inevitably visit at least one gift shop. And our boys LOVE gift shops. But we don't just buy stuff for them willy-nilly. If there is something they really want, we make them earn it. They have been "spending" just a few dollars per stop, but they work HARD for every little bit. They take out garbage willingly and help with dishes and vacuuming and taking care of Buddy. Yesterday Elijah got himself into a bit of debt after some Magic Socks he purchased. He worked so hard to pay off the debt for those socks so he could watch them grow in our RV sink. As he happily watched his new socks come to life today, it felt good that he had worked hard for them!

The boys even helped me do laundry today! Not only did they help get things going, but they helped me fold clothes AND carry them back to the RV. Impressive! It was so cute watching Sammy walk away with a huge pile of folded towels in his arms, trying to see around them and make his way back home.

Our sweet Bud-Bud. One thing that has made me sad about our trip is that Buddy hasn't had his usual puppy play-time. He LOVES playing with puppies and he's so friendly and I know he thrives on that interaction. The campground we've been at for the past few days has a fenced-in dog park and we LOVE THIS. Every time we see a dog enter the dog park, we bring Buddy in, too. A handful of the puppies he has played with here are: Donut, Pork-Chop, Snickers, Aggie and Yaki. I couldn't make those names up if I tried! Buddy has been in puppy heaven!

The boys met some new friends tonight while Bud was running around in the dog area. They seemed to get along really well, so we let them play right up until bedtime. When I walked over to give them a five-minute "come home" warning, Sammy said, "Just so anyone knows, five minutes equals 300 seconds." There were a variety of ages present and not a single child seemed impressed with this calculation. I, however, was super impressed.

Sam especially was so sad to leave his new friends and to learn that he'd likely never see them again. He informed us that he'd be running away from home because we had made him leave his new friends. We wished him well and told him we loved him. He returned 60 seconds later.

Tomorrow we will head through Idaho and into Washington. We have absolutely LOVED Montana! If it weren't for a fantastic medical team that we rely heavily on back in Minnesota, I'd consider moving here. Seriously. I haven't felt this peaceful in a very long time.