Glacier National Park

Stop #4
Miles driven this leg: 170
Total miles driven: 1707
States visited: 4

We are exactly one week into our adventure! Emotionally, today was a tough one for me. I am one who needs eight hours of sleep/night or things gradually get out of control. Today I hit my not-sleeping-well limit and I could feel deep down that Tired Megan was taking over. It took a small RV nap in the afternoon for me to realize that I was acting like a ten-year-old.

What is interesting, though, is that this tiredness I felt today was a different variety from what I’d been feeling before we departed on our adventure. Months of intense house-related stress had begun to do strange things to my body.  During the last 3-4 weeks of June, my feet and hands acquired a strange ache, my body got strangely itchy and I was awake at 3:00 EVERY SINGLE MORNING thinking of my mile-long to-do list. I realized two mornings ago that all of those things have vanished already on this trip. Yes, I'm tired, but I think it's a re-coop sort of tired and that is such a huge relief. We have had our share of spats, disagreements and bad behavior (ALL of us, not just the boys), but we are loving this adventure! Right now I am sitting under a beautiful tree, a slight breeze blowing by me, and I'm looking out over a massive, beautiful lake/mountains and WORKING. This is work for me and I couldn't feel more blessed!

After our morning routine, I scooped up the boys and had them walk through our campground with me so we could breathe in the fresh air and also so I could take a few photos. It is so beautiful here! I said to Dan a few times today, "We need to live here." And that is something I've never said to him before in any other place besides Minnesota.

We hopped into The HQ and made our way into Glacier National Park. When we were in the planning stages of this trip, we knew we wanted to visit Glacier because we'd heard from so many people that it was one of the most gorgeous places in the world. The drive was breath-taking!

We stopped in Big Fork on the way to enjoy a giant cinnamon roll at a cute cafe in Big Fork, at the suggestion of a friend of Dan's. It didn't disappoint! The boys devoured their delicious cinnamon rolls and their bellies were so full that they were carried over through dinner. (We did feed them banana smoothies to include some nutritional value in their morning.)

This field of yellow flowers went on forever and was STUNNING.

We made it into West Glacier and explored Lake MacDonald as far as we could. The HQ limited us a bit, but we got a taste of Glacier and it. was. BEAUTIFUL. WOW!

Elijah thought it was too cold, Dan and I were amazed by its clarity and stunned by its beauty and Sammy wanted to jump in and swim. Buddy, too! :)

We stayed for about an hour and gazed/waded. It was one of those chunks of time that I know will always be with all of us. It was peace, beauty, serenity and total happiness all in one.

When I told Sammy it was time to go, he said, "But we CAN'T! I feel like I can totally be MYSELF here! We HAVE to stay!" My prediction is that someday he will be a nature-lover.

This evening we have taken Bud to the campground dog park where he met puppy friends Donut and Pork-Chop (ha!). We grilled dinner, made s'mores and met some new friends that have much more normal names. We plan for tomorrow to be a "stay-in" day. Thanks for peeking in on our crazy adventures!