The Bad and the Ugly

I’ve touched on mostly good things thus far, so today I will explore the not-as-desirable parts of our trip so far.

- The dog hair, oh my goodness, the dog hair! Buddy has begun shedding his puppy fur and his hair is EVERYWHERE in here. No matter how well or often we vacuum and clean, dog hair seems to instantly sprout from every surface, including our clothes, couch, bed, blankets, sandwiches and skin.

- There’s the whole refrigerator door being ripped off its hinges while rounding a curvy Montana bend today. I heard the door swing open (which hadn’t happened yet) and looked back to see the door and fridge contents on the ground. I think I yelled something like, “THE REFRIGERATOR DOOR JUST FELL OFF!” And Dan said something like, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” Buddy saw opportunity knocking and swooped in to make an attempt at eating butter, garlic, Parmesan cheese and a few splashes of white wine vinegar.

- Speaking of Buddy, he has managed to swipe the following food items from our unsuspecting tables, plates and/or hands: half of a tube of uncooked ground pork, a half of a pb&j sandwich and an only slightly nibbled-on banana nut muffin. The thieving of the muffin caused Elijah to scream with such intensity that, not having watched the scene unfold, I was convinced a bear had jumped through the side window of our moving vehicle and ripped off the entire right side of his body.

- Here is a sampling of “emergencies” Dan and I receive complaints about daily from our boys: “MOM, [Insert name] is copying me!” “MOM, [Insert name] is repeating me!” “DAD, [Insert name] just called me a liar!” “DAD, [Insert name] just called me a butt!” “MOM, I can’t find my shoe!” “MOM, I can’t walk a single step more!” “DAD, I think I’m going to DIE from this mosquito bite!”

- Sleep has not been ideal so far on this trip and we are definitely still in adjustment mode in that area. I have yet to take a nap in The HQ, which seems ridiculous as this should be the ideal sleep environment. Every time I lay down, bumpy roads disturb me from underneath or one of the boys inevitably begins screaming my name because another “emergency” has just popped up (see previous bullet point). We are doing our best to hone our nighttime sleep as much as we can. Things get tricky after 5:00 am because once Elijah is awake, he is awake for the day with 0% chance of going back to sleep. The boys’ bunkbeds are located in between our bed and Buddy’s kennel. The dog usually does his first pee-whine between 5:00 and 6:00. Once Buddy is up, Dan, Elijah and I are also up. Then the main goal becomes keeping Sammy asleep as long as possible through intense tail waggling that inevitably bumps repeatedly into every hard surface in our tiny home. Our sleep routine has gotten better since those first few nights, but we have more honing to do.

- The “loss” of Buddy on night #4 was stressful. As we wandered through pitch black acres of land with flashlights in hand, I felt so sad at the thought that we might have to go home without our pup. After 20 minutes of searching, I didn’t think it was possible that we’d find him. Discovering him sleeping sweetly behind the curtain in Elijah’s bunk was a huge relief.

This list is mostly meant to be humorous, as we really do take things as they come and see every moment as an adventure. On a trip like this one, there are bound to be hiccups. It’s how we deal with the hiccups that really matters. Despite all of the above, we are LOVING this adventure and wouldn’t change a thing!