Red Lodge, MT to Flathead Lake, MT

Stop #4
Miles driven this leg: 408
Total miles driven: 1537
States visited: 4

We departed from southern Montana early this morning and headed toward the northwestern part of the state. We were all tired and a bit grumpy, but the Montana scenery invigorated us.

UNTIL, that is, we rounded a sharp curve and our refrigerator flew open and the door ripped off its hinges. It was one of those super slow moments where I couldn't believe what was happening. I yelled, "THE DOOR JUST RIPPED OFF THE FRIDGE!" And Dan said, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME??" from behind the wheel. We pulled over and managed to temporarily repair the door with duct tape and we were back on the road.

Pulling up to the Mission Mountains in northwest Montana was so beautiful! We loved how the entire mountain range appeared to have a soft blanket wrapped around it.

Our campsite for the next three days has an amazing view of Flathead Lake and of the mountains behind it.

We've just been tooling around the campground this evening, checking out the play area, dog park and bagpipers. More tomorrow!!