Stop #3
Miles driven this leg: 89
Total miles driven: 1129
States visited: 3

My boys and I took an unexpected trip up into Beartooth pass today. Our wonderful hosts encouraged us to drive our RV up to the top so that we could get a peek into Yellowstone. In the planning stages of the trip, we chose Glacier National Park over Yellowstone, so this was an awesome unexpected adventure. The drive was precarious at times, but The HQ did great! The scenery was BEAUTIFUL. Dan and I each said, "WOW!" about two hundred times as we perused the incredible mountains that surrounded us. Our lane seemed narrow at times and I wondered if our RV was going to clip those side rails, but the view and experience of being up there was so worth it (and no damage was done). Another adventure in the books!

We arrived back in Red Lodge and I desperately needed to do some work, so Dan parked the RV on a side street and brought the boys to a candy emporium while I sat in the RV with Bud. Afterward we came back to Jeff's amazing ranch and spent the afternoon and evening here, lounging, napping, hanging out by the river (the boys did NOT want to leave!), chasing the dog and grilling dinner. We are ready for another day on the road tomorrow! I'll let the following photos speak for themselves. Somewhere in here you'll find a replica scene from the Sound of Music! :)

More adventure is certain to follow!