Deadwood, SD to Red Lodge, MT

Stop #3
Miles driven this leg: 371
Total miles driven: 1040
States visited: 3

I have only driven The HQ for two stretches, but I’m finding that driving on the open road with relative peace (i.e., not in super close quarters in a car) is a great time to think and observe. Yesterday I drove for a few hours as we entered southeastern Montana and moved westward. The Montana landscape amazed me, with its endless shades of green. There are light greens so light they look white and dark greens so dark they look black. There are yellow-greens, blue-greens, purple-greens and everything in between. There are super-duper saturated greens and greens totally stripped of saturation. It reminded me of when I used to go to the Yarn Store with my mom as a kid. I remember looking at all of the different shades of every color and wondering how it was possible to have so many subtle changes of color.

I saw so many totally beautiful things while I drove. Wild flowers along the side of the road, old trees with a ton of character and rolling hills for miles. The prettiest things in this world seem to be the ones that the least amount of effort is put into. It is so easy to meander through life not noticing the depth of the beauty right in front of our faces.

The boys and dog have been doing SO well in the RV, even on our longer legs. We've been trying to limit technology as much as possible by getting out games and activities, but they get to enjoy a movie on the long stretches. Buddy has been the perfect puppy and I never imagined he could have been so chill in an RV!

We arrived in Red Lodge late afternoon on the Fourth of July, which is where Dan's former boss/friend has a ranch. OH-MY-GOSH is it beautiful here! We situated our RV so that we could look out our bedroom window and see the mountains. His property has an incredible view of mountains on one end and a beautiful, peaceful stream on the other. The boys had fun splashing in the stream for a bit.

Check out the amazing views from Jeff's property here in Montana! WOW!

We did sparklers with the boys at sunset and had a little campfire. It was the perfect peaceful Fourth of July evening in a beautiful place and with super kind people surrounding us.

After we put the boys to bed, we turned around to realize that Buddy had left the RV. By this time it was dark out, so we spent 20 minutes outside with flashlights calling for the dog. When there was no sign of him, Dan thought to check the camper again. Surely enough, Bud had sneaked up into bed with Elijah where we couldn't see him. We felt a little silly, but we were so relieved he was ok. Phew!

More Montana adventures to come!