Grand Junction, CO to Canon City, CO

Stop #20
Miles driven this leg: 280
Total miles driven: 5624
States visited: 12

As we drove into the mountains today all of the short-temperedness and impatience I'd been feeling for the past week or so vanished. Some people are hot/desert people and...I AM NOT. I am a fair-weather gal, I'm discovering. I like being on the cool side, which is probably why I love living in Minnesota. As we drove into the cool, beautiful mountains of Colorado today my mood totally switched gears. The Colorado Rockies have a special place in my heart. I have skied here a lot as a kid and also as an adult. There is also something so majestic/peaceful yet intimate about this area.

I know there are people who love the scorching heat and being in the desert in the summer, but we are not those people. Our entire family was thrown off for a solid ten days because of the desert heat. We are SO happy to be in the mountains for the next few days!

(See below: My Sammy is a creative genius and always surprises me with his photos!)

We were sidetracked by over an hour today on I-70 due to a major accident, but we took it in stride. We pulled onto the side of the road and chilled and didn't make a big deal out of it.

The drive to our campground was beautiful! I could literally drive back and forth through the Colorado Rockies and never get bored.

I was super excited to drive through Breckenridge, my favorite ski town of all time. I'd never visited in the summer before today. It was a totally different experience, but still so serene and beautiful.

We have gotten so lucky as far as having great views from our campgrounds. Here is our view for the next few days..

This will be our last long stretch before heading back toward Minnesota. We have two full days here near the Royal Gorge to explore and also relax! Thank you so much for reading!