Monument Valley, UT to Grand Junction, CO

Stop #19
Miles driven this leg: 304
Total miles driven: 5344
States visited: 12

I feel like we drove through about twelve separate worlds today. For the 200 miles that it took us to drive up through eastern Utah, we saw forests, large mountains, rolling hills, red rocks, white rocks, brown rocks, canyons, deserts, vast expanses, rocky hills and both majestic and intimate beauty. It was crazy! By the time we were through it all, Dan and I almost felt depleted. I was working so hard to capture all of it on my camera that half-way through Arches National Park (SO beautiful!) I set my camera down and crashed in the back bed for an hour. It was by far the most diverse and unique bit of distance that we've covered so far.

We kept laughing at the Cow Crossing signs, but didn't laugh again after having to come to a dead stop for Sammy's favorite animal.

We arrived in Grand Junction this afternoon tired. All of us. After dinner and a trip to the game room and playground, Sammy spilled his HUGE bottle of Powerade all over my computer and the boys' tablets. Elijah began to scream about NEEEEEEDING s'mores and by then Dan and I had had enough. We put the boys to bed early and are camped out by the fire. This campground is fine for the night, but not a long-term happy place for the last leg of our adventure. We'll pack up early in the morning and head east into the beautiful ROCKIES! For the first time on this trip, we have no scheduled reservations and plan to play the next four nights by ear.

I am putting my computer down, but enjoy the pics! These are in order and ALL taken within probably 150 miles. Good night, friends!