Day in Deadwood, SD

We started our day off early with a peaceful walk by a stream near our campground. Buddy jumped crazily in the water while Elijah and I giggled at him. I don't think Bud has ever had such a gorgeous morning walk in his life.

After eggs on the grill (the boys LOVED this!), we got ready to head into the town of Deadwood. At the last minute, an off-road buggy became available and we were all super excited about this...all except for Sammy, that is. He was worried that it might go too fast.

Our "buggy," as we called it, was AWESOME! We were able to drive it on the twisty roads and we checked out the cute town of Deadwood. We found the spot where Wild Bill was shot, licked some ice cream off a cone and ate lunch. Success.

The scenery we saw while in the buggy was gorgeous. Even Sammy agreed that renting it was a good idea.

Dan reluctantly let me drive the buggy back "home." :)

When we rented this adventurous little vehicle, we were given a map of different trails we could explore. I had NO IDEA quite what this meant. After our Deadwood visit, we innocently sought out these trails only to find that they were a bit out of our league. There were a few moments when I wondered if the five of us (Bud came along) might fall right off the side of a mountain. The view, though, the view! WOW! It was worth all of it.

A few times Buddy was so afraid of the treacherous terrain that he attempted to hop right out of the vehicle. Apparently lunging down the side of a mountain was a more appealing option for him than enduring the off-roading. Both boys handled the adventure in stride, which was surprisingly awesome.

When we arrived back at camp, we were DIRTY. Dirt was caked over our entire bodies, from head to toe. As we went to shower in the campground facilities, a torrential downpour swept over the area. It was a noteworthy secondary adventure to our adventure. We were relieved to be back in the RV and clean. A peaceful family quiet time followed, phew!

This evening we had no agenda aside from preparing for more travel early in the morning. We had a lazy grilled dinner, did laundry and cleaned up the RV. Tomorrow will be a long travel day! Thanks for peeking in! We are loving RV life and at this point I cannot imagine how I'll feel at the end of this adventure. We are enjoying every moment!