Day in Monument Valley, UT

It's so funny. Elijah is typically the first one in our family to complain about having to do any sort of work, but he is also the most adventurous of us all. He was SO EXCITED to go climb "our mountain" again this morning. He asked, "When can we go climb?!" about 900 times before we actually stepped foot onto the hot red sand. I love that a burning sense of adventure burns inside him, much like myself. I think this will help him overcome much of his anxiety and worries. (Much like myself.)

We took a family hike up the mountain before the heat became scorching. It always feels so good to get our family moving. Check out the beauty!

Dan, Sammy and Buddy headed back while Elijah and I hiked up further. We spent some special alone time together and just enjoyed the quiet. It was nice. Elijah looked over and loudly whispered, "MOM! A LIZARD!" It was so incredible the way he camoflauged right into the red rocks. We snapped a few pics before he scurried away.

The boys went to the pool while I worked for a bit this morning and then it became too hot to do anything but peer outside into the beauty. We spent most of our afternoon in our RV, snuggling, napping, movie-watching and chillin'. Elijah began begging for another hike into the mountains, so he and Dan went up together. After that I took a solo trip up the mountain. It was peaceful and so beautiful! Can you spot our RV?

As I trotted off for my hike, Dan said, "Now don't climb TOO high!" I was careful, of course, but I climbed as high as I could go. Sitting atop that beautiful rock and staring out over the landscape was rejuvinating! I looked down and saw my boys looking up at me and waving. They were just a tiny bit bigger than ants. I could tell that Elijah wished he was with me.

Despite the crazy heat, we have loved our "down" day here in the Utah desert. Tomorrow we will head out early and drive toward of my favorite states! Thanks so much for peeking in. Have a wonderful night!