Williams, AZ to Monument Valley, UT

Stop #18
Miles driven this leg: 207
Total miles driven: 5040
States visited: 11

We have officially made the most stops in Arizona than in any other state. We traveled back through Flagstaff today and visited the same Wal-Mart we stopped at on our way to Williams. There was a forlorn-looking woman standing next to her car near the parking lot holding up a sign that said something about not having a home or a job. As we pulled into the lot, Dan and I both had the same thought: Let's help her. While stocking up on groceries and RV supplies, Dan purchased a Wal-Mart gift card and we dropped it off on our way out of the lot. By that time she was sitting back in her hot car crying, with her dog and belongings by her side. I walked over to her and handed her the card. She lunged out in thankful tears and hugged me tightly and for a very long time. Obviously we do not know her situation or anything about her, but our PRAYER is that we helped her in a tiny way today. One of the main reasons we decided to embark on this adventure was because we want to bless people whenever possible. I am so grateful to have a husband whose eyes are open to these sorts of things. Sometimes my eyes are closed (mostly when I'm focused on the boys) and that seems to be when Dan notices when somebody might need a prayer or a bit of cash or a hand shake or hug.

Our drive through northeastern Arizona was beautiful this morning. We drove through hundreds of miles of varying landscapes and colors and so many different types of beauty. It was a deserted sort of beauty...one that had us praying our RV would not break down.

I will never forget lunging back and forth between the sides of our RV taking pictures from each side window. Just when I'd catch something out the left side, Dan or Elijah would let me know there was something even prettier on the right side. By the way, I've become rather skilled at capturing shots on the fly. :)

The results of wind erosion are so beautiful. We couldn't believe how beautiful the drive into our campground was. The below view is literally what we are seeing from our RV tonight. It is breath-taking!

Although we are at 6K feet, it is HOT. Buddy's poor little paws were scorched the second he hopped out of our RV. We let our air conditioning do its job while we chilled in the HQ for a while after arriving.

Once cooled down, we went for a quick hike through the beautiful rocks next to our campsite. WOW! I know I keep saying this, but it is SO BEAUTIFUL here! I cannot capture the beauty in words or with my camera. Buddy and I ran up to a lookout and Dan captured this pic of us. :)

Then Sammy insisted on hiking up further with me because "I'm a good climber, Mom! I'm interested in climbing!" We had some sweet alone time on these beautiful rocky hills. I told Sam today that he is a forced adventurer. He needs to be heavily nudged into breaking out of his comfort zone, but once he does HE LOVES IT! He's a lot like his mama.

We each drank approximately 97 ounces of Powerade tonight because this climate has depleted us. We are excited for a day of exploration here tomorrow! Thanks for reading!!