Day at the Grand Canyon

Stop #17
Miles driven this leg: 139
Total miles driven: 4833
States visited: 10

So much for laying low today. In typical Porta fashion, we were itching to get out this morning. We drove just a couple miles into downtown Williams and boarded a train to the Grand Canyon. Before boarding the train, we watched a fun western show that terrified Elijah, confused Sammy and amused Dan and me.

Before the show, we had a minor catastrophe in our RV. Elijah's entire FULL cup of orange juice spilled ALL over the seat alongside our table and fell into both toy bins that sat on the floor below. The spill wasn't a huge deal. I'm pretty chill about spills as long as they're accidents. Elijah's accompanying bloody-murder SCREAMING was what sent me over the edge. "MY ORANGE JUICE SPILLED!!!!! I WANT MOOOOORE ORANGE JUUUUUICE!" I freaked out a bit over the screaming and we all required some cool-down time after the ordeal was done. Elijah gave me a serious look and said, "Mom, I feel like you are stressed. I'm afraid that your 'stringles' are going to keep growing!" In the past few days I had explained that my SHINGLES (love his translation) were caused by stress. Although frustrated with his inability to focus on the correct things after a major spill, I'm super impressed that he was able to recognize my stress level and to be worried that my "stringles" might become affected by it. :)

Dan is the only one of all of us who had been on a train before today. It was such an experience! It took up our entire day, but it was so worth the amazing adventure.

The train ride each way took 2+ hours, but there was constant entertainment and the trips went quickly. Each way was 64 miles and the views were incredible! We saw a ton of wildlife and stayed happy in the train.

As with Crater Lake in Oregon, I will never forget walking over to the edge and seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time. WOW. It was majestic, incredible, breath-taking and unforgettable!

Sammy rated it as his favorite place, but second-favorite prettiest place (next to Crater Lake) and I fully agree.

We brought Buddy to a doggy daycare near the train station so we could enjoy our day without feeling too guilty. We took our time exploring the south rim of the Grand Canyon. We ate lunch at a restaurant that sits along the rim, which was followed by ice cream and a trip to a gift shop. Afterward, we slowly meandered along the path that winds along the south GC.

I cannot even believe the immense and diverse beauty we have experienced on this trip. This sight was jaw-dropping and so different from all of the other jaw-dropping things we have seen. The United States is an incredible place to explore!

Dan and I took turns exploring on our own, so while Dan took his turn I captured a few fun photos of the boys that involved both licorice AND the beautiful colors of the Grand Canyon.

Buddy was so excited to see us at the end of the day that his back end nearly flew off his body. We all felt slightly guilty about leaving him all day, but we were so happy to be reunited.

Toward the end of our train ride today, Dan and I took turns having mini "dates" with the boys in the train's cafe, which was three cars away from ours. Elijah and I spent some quality time together as we watched the pretty landscape zoom by us in the quiet train cafe. I won't ever forget that special time we spent together!

This evening we took Buddy to the dog park at our campground, where he played with Tucker and Cooper. It is amazing how much more sociable we've had to be as dog owners! We LOVE this campground and we love being back in our RV. We have a full day here tomorrow, which we're all excited about. Who knows, though, we seem to have a hard time staying still!