Sedona, AZ to Williams, AZ

Stop #17
Miles driven this leg: 59
Total miles driven: 4694
States visited: 10

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We were sad to say goodbye to our Sedona campground this morning. It has been one of our favorite spots so far in our trip. We had tons of trees/shade, a mini-yard, a dog park, a creek and breathtaking scenery. Even if you research a campground to death, you can still arrive and be hugely disappointed. We always hold our breath when we drive into a new spot. We hated leaving something we loved after a few previous rough (HOT and uncomfortable) days on the road.

The scenery as we drove through and out of Sedona was amazing! It is a unique and magical area of the country.

We had time to spare this morning for a change, so we stopped at a lookout and absorbed the beautiful view. What you cannot see in the below photo is that Sammy and Elijah are sitting behind me complaining about having to leave the RV and being in the heat. This may appear to be a supremely peaceful moment, ha!

Our campground in Williams on the south rim of the Grand Canyon was a reasonable drive from Sedona. These short driving days are a nice change of pace! We are super happy with our campground that we'll be at for the next THREE incredible nights. We are CAMPING again and it feels good. We are allowed to have fires (this was not allowed in the desert), the air is cool again, giant trees surround us and we feel at home.

Don't ask what's going on here because I don't know, but scenes like this one are common in our tiny home.

It rained for the last part of our traveling today, so we were happy to see the sun peek out at sunset. It was beautiful through the trees! Dan and I initially wanted to explore the Grand Canyon right away tomorrow, but we might hold off for a day and just enjoy down time instead. Having a nice "home" feels really good right now.

And in case you're dying to know how my shingles are doing because I know it's such an interesting topic.. Yesterday wasn't fun. I was sore inside and out on my upper left quadrant. Blisters kept popping up and they hurt. This morning they turned from painful to itchy and they look so much better. I know tomorrow will be a turn-around day. Sleeping still isn't fun since there are sores all along the back of my neck and it's hard to find a comfortable position. I'm hoping this makes its way through my body quickly! I have a theory about WHY this happened but that will come later. For now, hubby time and then bed! Mmm, bed..