Camp Verde, AZ to Sedona, AZ

Stop #16
Miles driven this leg: 34
Total miles driven: 4635
States visited: 10

Normally I (aka, Dan, hubs, dad, hairy-guy, etc) don't write posts but tonight I'm giving it a try so you'll have to excuse typos and other oddities!

Today we had a good day. We left our campground early (we had planned to stay two nights but when we arrived yesterday but it wasn't the best fit) and made our way to another RV park in Sedona. The drive was beautiful and on our way we stopped at the well known Coffee Pot Restaurant (they have 101 omelettes on the menu) for a late breakfast.

Our new campground is very nice with a large grass area and plenty of space.

We were able to grill for the first time in a while and make some very messy s'mores!

The intense look on my face is due to the fact that I take golden brown marshmallowing VERY seriously!

After dessert we went to the dog run so Buddy could roam around without a leash and burn off some energy.

There was a creek nearby where the boys explored a bit and splashed around.

Overall it was a nice, relaxing day and we're looking forward to what tomorrow has in store!