Palm Springs, CA to Phoenix, AZ

Stop #14
Miles driven this leg: 271
Total miles driven: 4464
States visited: 10

I'm super thankful for my amazing friend Laurie who is letting us park in her driveway here in Phoenix tonight. She has been the saving grace for the day, this really very very strange day.

Yesterday the left side of my neck and left shoulder started feeling strangely sore. Then I got weird tingly pains in that same area that I assumed had something to do with the insane heat here in these parts. This morning I woke up with a blistery rash scattered about my left shoulder, chest and neck. Things only got worse, so after a few Google searches I learned that I should get to a doctor. Laurie kindly drove me straight to urgent care and we learned that I have...SHINGLES! Wha??! I was on the phone with a nurse trying to get insurance approval and this conversation was amazingly humurous:

Nurse: Now tell me what's going on today!
Me: I have a painful rash on the left side of my upper torso. I'm wondering if it might be shingles.
Nurse: Well shingles usually occurs only in the old are you??
Me: I'll be 41 tomorrow.
Nurse: Oh sure, you fall right into that age range..

If 41 falls within the "elderly" range, tomorrow I'll officially be elderly! Ha! An elderly woman with shingles, of all things. The heat and the shingles sort of consumed most of the day, so the above sunset photo is the only one I have to share. When Laurie went out to kindly get us pizza for dinner I happened to see that the sunset in her backyard was incredible!

The HQ is working hard tonight to overcome the intense Arizona heat. Tomorrow we'll head north and hopefully into some more manageable temps. Maybe the slightly cooler weather will fare will for my elderly, diseased body. More tomorrow!