Day in Palm Springs

I'd like to think I'm not a wimp, but...I'M A WIMP! The heat in Palm Springs today was NUTS! Dan and I walked the boys to a theater a block from my mom's to see a movie and I couldn't believe how depleted we all were afterward. When we walked back out into the heat after it was done, it literally felt like an oven door the size of a semi-truck opened up directly in front of us and followed us all the way home. We were at the pool for 15 minutes before I saw this on my phone.

This was a new one! And certainly a sign to get the heck inside. If this kind of heat shuts down phones, then human bodies should probably take cover. We spent the rest of the day in my mom's condo playing, watching movies and appreciating the invention of air conditioning.

Before it got above 115 degrees, my mom's boyfriend drove us to the first house my mom and I lived in when we moved to Palm Springs back in 1985. It looks totally different now, but it brought back some memories, such as skateboarding five miles to and from school and having freshly squeezed citrus juice stands on the side of the road.

My mom is the most talented artist I know, hands down. Every time I visit, I love perusing her newest creations. This time she had tons of painted rocks that blew us all away. We each picked out our favorite and purchased them. They are beautiful! I wish I had even a tiny bit of her amazing talent.

After an afternoon of semi-napping and chilling inside, we returned to our barely-cooled RV for the night. We are totally caught up on laundry (sandy sheets included), we have restocked our fridge and we are mostly ready to head to Phoenix tomorrow!